We are looking for ANIMATOR.

Wanted Position


About the position

The candidate must be able to understand and follow directions/storyboards etc received from the director to support the overall vision of the project, by creating shots based on adding basic animation, placement and timing of temporary effects, and camera work.
※We are especially looking for animators who will be in charge of layout (not motion work for characters and vehicles, but mainly camera control).

Minimum qualifications

・Programming experience with Maya

Preferred qualifications

・Experience in layouts are preferred, but those without experience who are interested in layouts are also welcome.

・Ability to understand storyboards and communicate with directors about the overall production.

・Interest in directing projects in the future.

・Interest in pre-viz (pre-production)work.

・Interest in setting camera work.

・Experience in animating and are interested in layout.

・Ability to think in a live-action filmmaking production mindset.

Working conditions

Independent contractor

How to apply

Please provide the following documents and contact us through this Google form

  • CV
  • A record of your previous experience (if it applies)
  • A portfolio/Demo Reel with work (videos or images) you have been involved in.