A professional group rich with the diversity and strengths of its members.

Various people are working at SOLA DIGITAL ARTS, regardless of their age, gender or nationality.

We have team members coming from China, Korea, South East Asia, the United States, the Czech Republic, and finding new international staff is one of our top priorities.

Communication between members is made easier by the fact that almost every department is located within our own organization. This leads to open and lively interactions between the sections and brings directors and producers closer to other team members.

This page introduces 4 SOLA DIGITAL ARTS members, a "senior artist", a "junior artist", a "international artist" and an "art & design creator", as well as their respective area of specialization and their activities across the company’s sections.

Apart from having the chance to work thoroughly on film productions, it is also exciting to see your name on the credits!

CG Supervisor
CG Supervisor.
Working as a core member of SOLA DIGITAL ARTS since “Starship Troopers : Invasion” (2012)
©Yuka Kani

I really like photorealistic 3DCG animation, which is one of the unique features of Aramaki-directed works, and so I decided to join SOLA DIGITAL ARTS in 2012. Today, I am surrounded by highly experienced and sociable people.

The directors are always in the studio so whenever I have questions about the production, I can just ask them directly. This is one of the great strengths of the company, I think.

For “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”, which is currently under production, we are trying a new way of producing images, in which team members can freely express their opinions, and with the goal of achieving high quality photorealistic images, yet with the characters’ eyes resembling those of Japanese anime, a unique feature of SOLA DIGITAL ARTS. It was a great motivation for the directors Aramaki-san and Kamiyama-san to be able to hear voices directly from the people working in the studio. Our common goal, and the biggest, is to conclude the series, which means the production load inevitably increases.

Personally, what I find fascinating about working at SOLA DIGITAL ARTS, is that your name appears and remains on the credits. I think it is a good motivation to keep on doing my job.

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  • work environment

First year with Sola Digital Arts, already partaking in a global distribution project.Fulfilling the dream he’s had since junior high, now on the path to being a professional.

Background artist
Character Modeler.
Graduated from Kobe Institute of Computing-College of Computing, and joined in January 2020

I’ve wanted to become a CG artist ever since I was in junior high. I discovered SOLA DIGITAL ARTS when I was reading the original works of “ULTRAMAN”, which they happened to be producing the full 3DCG version of at the time. I studied computer graphics at Kobe Institute of Computing, and while I was there, I attended a seminar Director Aramaki was presenting. He actually looked at my work, and urged me to apply to SOLA DIGITAL ARTS. I did, and was hired! There’s no question that my life completely changed at that moment.

Before joining the company, I thought newcomers would only be doing training type tasks, but that wasn’t the case. They gave me opportunities that were like “What! Do I really get to do that?!”. That’s the type of company SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is. There are many staff members here who have helped the CG industry grow in Japan. With me being part of this amazing environment, when the time came for me to submit my work for supervisor and director checks, I kept thinking “There’s no way my work will get past that hurdle”. But it did! When my work is acknowledged and I get everything submitted on time, there’s a great sense of accomplishment there. It’s such a rewarding feeling.

Moving forward, I’d like to become a character modeler who can be entrusted with all areas of direction, design, and data management. I also plan to continue studying mechanical design, so I can produce something great that will please the director and the senior designers. Things can get tough and frustrating at times, but I’m not here to give up. My main goal is to become an artist that can create something only I can make.

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  • work environment

The good thing about SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is that people are open.

International Artist
Background and mecha Artist.
Joined SOLA DIGITAL ARTS as a modeler since “ULTRAMAN” (2019), after graduating from a Japanese language school and a 3DCG technical school.

I am from the Czech Republic. Though in the beginning I couldn’t speak Japanese, I came to Japan in 2012 as I wanted to try to live there.

At first, I was attending a Japanese language school, but because I liked the series "Appleseed" and "Ghost in the Shell", I decided to join SOLA DIGITAL ARTS. I've been doing computer graphics as a hobby since I was 15 and currently, I am mainly working on "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045", modelling vehicles and mecha. Aramaki-directed works are highly detailed so the work is not easy but it is worthwhile.

The good thing about SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is that everyone, without distinction, is very open. In particular, we work closely with the directors and we have regular opportunities to speak directly with them. Thinking about my own career, I believe it is a good environment to develop skills. I also appreciate the atmosphere in the company, like the fact that everyone puts the things they like on their desk: the personality of each member is represented on their desk.

Twice a week, after work, I also hold an English conversation class at SOLA DIGITAL ARTS. Some people are very serious in their study because English is useful in their work, others are beginners and are learning English for pleasure. In the future, I would like to broaden my horizons beyond modeling and create my own production, like a director does.

  • >International Artist
  • >International Artist

Joining as the Art staff for numerous projects
I design with the overall aesthetic of the piece in mind

Art & Design Creator
Motion & Graphic Designer.
Arriving Japan after finishing graduate school in Australia. Joined SOLA DIGITAL ARTS in April 2019 after working as a web and graphic designer.

My work involves creating motion graphics, graphic designs, retouching matte paintings and many other artistic things.

In the course of my work, I communicate with other staff members from different sections of the companyand while SOLA DIGITAL ARTS staffs are professionals in creating amazing visuals, they are very calm, open minded and are always willing to help!

I usually start my design process from gathering references based on the director's request, then I’d move on to creating several variations of the design. The director chooses the closest one to the final image he has, and I make further revisions from there. It feels great when I get them approved right away!

I believe that a good understanding of the world design and the context of the scene are two of the most important things when creating these designs. Familiarity with the project’s art style can also come in handy especially when brushing up matte paintings and creating graphic assets. With all these combined, we’re able to elaborate the overall aesthetic of the project even more.

In the future, I would like to be involved in the design works from the pre-production stage of a project and would like to work on concept art and especially character designs.

  • Art & Design Creator
  • Art & Design Creator