Due to expansion on projects, SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is looking for "DESIGNER" and "ANIMATOR". We look forward to your application.


SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is currently recruiting for a wide variety of CG designers, including mechanical designers, character designers, background designers, and accessories designers (for weapons, props, etc.).
Join our team in your field of expertise! We are hiring designers who are interested in creating entertainment together!!
(No need to speak Japanese as long as you can communicate in English, regardless of race or ethnicity.)
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The candidate must be able to understand and follow directions/storyboards etc received from the director to support the overall vision of the project, by creating shots based on adding basic animation, placement and timing of temporary effects, and camera work.
※We are especially looking for animators who will be in charge of layout (not motion work for characters and vehicles, but mainly camera control).
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Work with us and appear on the credits of international movies

Following the international release of "ULTRAMAN" in April 2019, which boasts a record rating, we are now producing internationally renowned works, such as the Japanese series "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045" which gathers fans from around the world, and a monumental work of SF "Blade Runner: Black Lotus", for the first time in full CG.

At SOLA DIGITAL ARTS, we put high expectations on motivated people and allow them to reach a supervisor position regardless of their age.

Working with us at SOLA DIGITAL ARTS means working with acclaimed directors on internationally renowned productions.

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Staff we are looking for

Ideal candidate

Open communication between the various sections at SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is one of our priorities.

Therefore, we are looking for someone ready to think, not only about his/her own work, but about all the steps of the anime production.

We believe that if you are able to understand and get a broad perspective on the process of work creation, your own work will be more interesting and you will become the person you aspire to be.

Support provided

SOLA DIGITAL ARTS aims at creating a work environment where everyone can fully demonstrate their abilities and can have fun in their work. We provide various support to achieve this:

  • Free drinks and snacks
    Free drinks and snacks
  • Interpreting service
    Interpreting service
  • Support for any business trip in another country
    Support for any business trip to another country
  • English lessons
    English lessons

*The above are only examples

Employment Flow

The hiring process is identical for new graduates and mid-career applicants: offer will be decided according to the documents you have provided us with, and to the results of the job interview.
If you have any question regarding the recruitment process, feel free to contact us on the address dedicated to recruitment.

  • STEP1
  • STEP2
    Screening of documents
  • STEP3
  • STEP4
    Job offer

Staff wanted

As SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is currently working on a new and full CG animated series of "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045", we are seeking new talented artists.

For those residing abroad with no Japanese work visa

Due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, we are currently experiencing lengthy processing times for obtaining a Japanese work visa. As a result, successful application screenings and interviews may not lead to the finalization of employment.

Full 3DCG new "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045" "ULTRAMAN 2" "Blade Runner: Black Lotus
Hiring job categories
  1. ① Director / CG Director
    Large spectrum of competencies ranging from the support and management of one episode to the entire work, or CG Director for the entire project.
  2. ② Designer *URGENT
    Mechanical designs, character designs, background designs, and accessories designs such as weapons and props
  3. ③ Character Modeler *Actively hiring
    Character modeling in Maya
  4. ④ Background Modeler
    Background modeling in Maya
  5. ⑤ Animator(Layout) *URGENT
    Not motion work for characters and vehicles, but mainly camera control
  6. ⑥ 3DCG Animator
    Maya / Capture base / Real Motion
  7. ⑦ Layout Artist *Actively hiring
    Maya / Real camera
  8. ⑧ Rigging *Actively hiring
    General rigging work with Maya (no experience OK), Character (body, facial) / Props / Background asset / Weight adjustment / Creation of controllers. Optional: Workflow management under Mel, Python
  9. ⑨ Effects
    Maya / 3dsmax / Houdini
  10. ⑩ Simulation
    Maya / Hair, Clothes
  11. ⑪ Lighting *Actively hiring
    Lighting work with Maya
  12. ⑫ Compositing *Actively hiring
    After Effects, Real full 3DCG
  13. ⑬ CG Production Manager
    Management of each section's schedule. Excel, Word
  14. ⑭ Pipeline Development Engineer
    Pipeline, workflow suggestion, structure, internal tools creation
    Minimum qualifications: Programming experience with Python and Maya.
    Preferred qualifications: Any experience with tool development and pipeline building in CG, games, etc. Knowledge of Unreal Engine, C++, and understanding of the English language is a plus.
  15. ⑮ CG Line Producer
    Budget of the entire project, work schedule, management of external demands (national and international). Excel, Word
  16. ⑯ System Engineer
    Management of the internal server, network, PC, software, etc
  17. ⑰ Capture Staff
    MOCAP recording, post-management, character animation work (no experience OK)
Experienced / Inexperienced (Excluding Director / CG Director which requires experience)
Working conditions
Freelance contract (Gyomuitaku keiyaku) for each position.
NB: Negociation possible for a regular employee contract (Seishain)
Mitaka studio, Tokyo (3min walk from Mitaka station)
Working conditions:
  1. 1.Experienced people
    Between 200 000 and 600 000 JPY a month (more than 2 years' experience)
    NB: The amount will be fixed according to experience and skills
  2. 2.Inexperienced
    People graduated from a 3DCG school or having knowledge in 3DCG.
    To be discussed
Days off / Holidays
Week-ends, National holidays, Summer vacation and New Year vacation
Working hours
10:00 – 19:00 (one-hour break)
NB: These working hours can be modified according to the production schedule
How to apply
Please provide the following documents and contact us through this Google form
  • CV
  • A record of your previous experience (if it applies)
  • A portfolio/Demo Reel with work (videos or images) you have been involved in.