Urgent Recruitment!

New big sci-fi robot project launched! On going an active mid-career recruitment!
We urgently need to fill the following positions.(2023/11/10 Update)

  • Animator
    Requirements: Must be able to work in our Ichigaya office, with native Japanese or N1 and above.


Position Overview
As Animator, you will work with your team to create and transmit credible emotions, specific to each moment of the film through your artistic talent and technical level, utilizing different styles of animation and working closely with the directors, supervisors and leads in a team environment in order to reach the deadlines within the project’s requirements.
You will also help and push the team, being an example to others.
  • Create believable animations at the artistic and technical level proposing genuine and unique acting and physics for each assignment aligned with the story, style and context of the project.
  • Work closely with the directors, supervisors and leads in a team environment.
  • Plan your own assignments to reach the deadlines considering the interaction with Direction, supervisors and leads.
  • Keep the characters in model and respect the design of the production.
  • Be open and professional about the feedback process and possible changes of direction during the animation process.
  • Work together with the team providing them with support, guidance and instruction in areas that contribute towards their artistic and professional growth.
Required Skills and Experience
  • Strong understanding of the principles of animation.
  • Knowledge of applicable software packages including Maya required.
  • Background or experience in fine art which shows a thorough understanding of physical motion, weight, balance and form.
  • Minimum 2-3 years of relevant experience in the animation industry.
  • Knowledge in 3D animation software and drawing skills are desirable.
  • Japanese or English professional proficiency.
Working conditions
Freelance contract (Gyomuitaku keiyaku) for each position.
NB: Negotiation possible for employee contract
Ichigaya studio, Tokyo (5min walk from Ichigaya station)
Monthly salary
  1. Experienced people
    Between 200 000 and 600 000 JPY a month (more than 2 years' experience)
    NB: The amount will be fixed according to experience and skills
Days off / Holidays
Week-ends, National holidays, Summer vacation and New Year vacation
Working hours
10:00 – 19:00 (one-hour break)
NB: These working hours can be modified according to the production schedule
How to apply
Please provide the following documents and contact us through this Google form
  • CV
  • A record of your previous experience (if it applies)
  • A portfolio/Demo Reel with work (videos or images) you have been involved in.