The Company

SOLA DIGITAL ARTS is a premier computer animation studio focused on creating highly entertaining and technically superior visuals for the feature film, television, and video game industries.

We at SOLA DIGITAL ARTS Inc. have a single-minded dedication to creating amazing stories, unforgettable characters, and breathtaking images for audiences of all ages.

The studio's headquarter is located in Tokyo, arguably the most technologically advanced and multi-cultural megalopolis in the world, to bring together the best creative talents that Japan and Asia have to offer.

Job Brief

We are looking for Developers to help us build, maintain, and troubleshoot our new USD based pipeline and VFX tools by working remotely(Full-time engineers working in office are also welcomed).

What does a developer do?

- Understand fully the requests artists' and creators make

- Module designing, Implementation Modificating, Maintaining, Documenting and Trouble Shooting for the new pipeline and tools, while coping with code expansion / maintenance performance, and the situation on the production team and the project itself by cooperating with the Lead Developer and other Developers.


- Designing and implementing tools which excels on the performance easy-to-use for the artists and the ability of expansion / maintenance

- Reporting the development situation or issues when needed

- Quick responses since we are asking personals who can work remotely with us


- Solid knowledge in Python programming

- Experience on Tool or pipeline development for a VFX production

- Who can work with us overlapping more than 5 hours on the time period of 10AM~7PM(JST)


- Wide knowledge on workflows for VFX

- Experience on pipeline development

- Knowledge and experience on industry standard DDC tools such as Maya, Nuke and others

- Knowledge on USD

- C++ programming

- Who can work with us overlapping more than 6 hours on the time period of 10AM~7PM(JST)

- Not necessary but the ability to speak or understand Japanese would be idealistic

Working conditions

- Independent contractor

How to apply

Please provide the following documents and contact us through this Google form

  • CV
  • A record of your previous experience (if it applies)
  • A portfolio/Demo Reel with work (videos or images) you have been involved in and/or GitHub account info. (if it applies).